Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day One


I’m surprised I know the date, I’ve only been here a day and already it has consumed me. My body, my spirit, they breathe this experience. Today I awoke with a chill down my spine and stiffness in my bones. I came here unaware of what I should expect, I knew that religion would be part of it, but I also thought that farming and giving myself/yourself and my/your work for other people would be too. It’s what I wanted to do - give my time to other people to learn their stories, their struggles and lives.

I am kind of pushing back on some of the ideas they’re introducing and was really impressed with the way that they talk to us about gender issues. It’s interesting to see how these people are exposing these ideas. I really enjoy it. I’m kind of confused as to why we’re gonna be split up by genders after we talked about the construction/restriction that the two dichotomies bring up. I feel really comfortable with who I am as a person and what I want to be. But sharing that with people is a bit of a struggle, I did it though. I told them about my two cards, we had to choose two cards that described who we believe we are. I chose “Extrovert” and “Spiritual” because I really love getting to know people and listening to their stories as well as sharing mine. I chose spiritual not because I’m religious, but because I believe our spirits go beyond our bodies and we are part of the Earth, the wind, fire and water – all that is around us. Our spirits flow within them.

I enjoy the company of the people that I have met, everyone seems genuine and kind-hearted. Especially Jenn and Nate, I feel that I can sense their kind, positive energy. I just wish we had more time to explore during the night or early when it’s not so hot. I’m excited to see how these other people develop and what they have to say.

-- Karla

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