Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day Three


To start off, today’s breakfast was fantastic! I ate like three pieces of French toast and a bowl of oatmeal. T’was a good start to a good day.

It was a beautiful drive to the farm we worked at. The landscape of New Mexico is simply breathtaking. I was excited to work at the farm because, well, I like farms. It was exciting until I realized there were billions of spiders. To say the least, I was not excited about that. But Adam, one of the kids from the Muslim mosque tried to calm me down by making jokes about it. It worked. I’m surprised by how easy it has been for me to make friends on this trip. I usually keep to myself, but with all the excitement and energy of everyone, that is nearly impossible.

There have been a few bumps in the road this week, but for me, the good overwhelms the bad. I’m so thankful that I have gotten to know Karla, Matti, Allia, Jenn and Nate better. They are wonderful people. This evening was a bit shaky, but the coffee house definitely made it better. I saw a side of Nate that was… unexpected. Ha ha, he can dance!

All in all, this week has been fantastic. It’s nice to get away and bond with new people. I love the fresh air, the scenery, and the milkshakes. They make the experience even better.

I can’t wait for tomorrow!!!

- Kenzie

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