Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day Two


We awoke to a banging sound on a door, and with no idea of the time we nervously woke up. Kenzie & I were all alone and trying to find our rooms. It took me a painful half-hour to wake up. Being late to the group in the morning messed up the start of the day for me. That got me stressed. I can’t get over my feet hurting. I’m a bit dizzy too. I dislike being the oldest in my group. It makes it extremely boring for me and I felt out of place. But I don’t want to make it a big deal, it wouldn’t be worth it. I’m confused as to why boys and girls were separated into different groups. I wish we had more free time, but it was okay.

I’m not too religious but I’m starting to get more relaxed about the praying time. I slept through breakfast so I was excited for lunch. I thought the low ropes were fun. But I found the rest of the activities before lunch boring and hard to relate to the people. I hope to learn a lot of new things about the Muslim religion tomorrow. I want to meet new people and hear people and grow bonds with them. I hope tomorrow’s a cooler day. My favorite part of today was hiking up the mountain thing. I was happy it made me feel like I was exercising so I didn’t feel like such a lazy bum. Meeting and listening to other people’s stories, issues and just listening to them in general really interested me and some stories even inspired me. When we got to the top of the mesa I laid next the edge and enjoyed the beautiful view below. I liked having the freedom of roaming around and being combined with the older kids. I’m anxious to figure out and learn more about Karla, Kenzie, Mattie, Nate and Jenn. I’m curious to learn more about their personal lives and their points of view on specific subjects. DINNER WAS YUMMY!

- Allia

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